Templari.jpg The Templari is the human nation of the islands of Zion.

The compassion to pursue good, the will to uphold the law, and the power to defeat evil – these are the three weapons of the Templari. Few nations have the purity and devotion of the Templari people. They have the power to protect, to heal, and to smite. In a land of scheming wizards, unholy priests, bloodthirsty dragons, and infernal fiends, the Templari are the final hope that cannot be extinguished.

As with all human nations, the Templari is a theocracy. The Church of Michael is the source of governing authority. The Templar Knights is a martial order that controls the military and aspects of the the Templari government. The Lord Marshal of the Templari answers only to the High Priest of Michael and takes guidance from the Council of Priests.

Relationship with other human nations:

The Seminary of Sinai: Indifferent. “The Seminary is wise and an ally…but their dealings with the Night Clans is cause for distrust”
The Night Clans of Sheol: Hostile. “The Night Clans are the seeds of evil. They are the embodiment of evil and a blight on the world.”
The Kindred Tribes of Mageddon: Unfriendly. “The barbarian tribes fight with passion and are worthy opponents, but never mistake respect for friendship. They are unpredictable and wild, they cannot be trusted.”
The Enclave of Eden: Friendly. “The Enclave are our oldest and most trusted ally. Their ways are different, but they are pure of heart and their connection with Elohim is admirable.”


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